"So...what do you do?"

"What do you do (for a living)?"

I receive this question quite frequently, and to be honest, I have no idea how to answer it properly without leaving the other person confused and myself rather unsatisfied.

The basis of the question, of course, is, "how do you make money?" Another way of phrasing this question would be, "how do you spend the majority of your time?"

I involve myself in many different projects, some of which earn me a living. I suppose you could call these initiatives entrepreneurial, but that means I earn a living from them. The reality is that these projects tend to fail.

In fact, the majority of my endeavors fail completely, utterly, and miserably. Only a few can be called or defined conventionally as 'financial successes'. I lose, and I lose a lot. So it goes.

I do not prepare to fail, but I do not assuage the ego with victory either. These are all just moments, and you never step in the same river twice. Perhaps we must let these moments pass us by as we acknowledge their existence, and move on.

To answer this question, I've asked my friends for help. One of my closest friends told me, I tend to "start many things but never finish." Another told me that at times, I, "am delusional." What great insight - these are weaknesses to be strengthened. I must see things through and ground my visions on the horizon, among other things.

I'm glad to have a circle of friends who are honest with their assessments of me. There are plenty of people whose egos are so inflated but fragile that even close friends/family must tip-toe around them in case humpty-dumpty falls off the wall.

So what do I do?

I train and help others explore their body through movement. I do this in-person and online. E-mail me at jonathan@thesouthernwind.com for more info. Follow me on IG to see other things @majesticmirth.

I also freelance and coach other freelancers. This is done in-person and online. You can visit no-bsfreelance.com (which just went live), where I bring "The No Bullshit Freelancer" persona to life.

I'm a podcast host for 'Mental Jiujitsu'. I could write at length for that, but I'd recommend you to check out some episodes I did instead. You can listen to episodes at soundcloud.com/mentaljiujitsu or follow the facebook page at facebook.com/mentaljiujitsu. Very worth your time.

I'm also a communication coach/teacher of sorts, helping people understand emotional awareness, patterns, and negotiations. No website on that, currently, although I am currently in the process of hosting workshops here and there.

There's a bit more...but perhaps this is what I do.